Art That Brings Life To Spaces

  “I love the smile when you first look at my art. My color combinations and designs provide clarity and focus that bring you into this very moment.” This is Happiness. Consequently, when your mind completes the picture.” That is Joy.  Michaell Magrutsche

The Power of Michaell Magrutsche’s Art: Michaell the California Multimedia Artist born in Vienna-Austria: “I strive to bring the viewer’s focus into the center of this moment. I want my paintings to uplift me with their wallpower and induce interactivity. Then, grab me, seduce me to discover their content by pinching my imagination to fill in the blanks.”

Michaell creates art to achieve the strongest positive Impact possible. This and Michaell’s refined aesthetics uplift emotions by changing the feel of a room. Magrutsche’s visual work has been coined Liminal Hard Edge, Reductive Pop and Antidepressant.

“Creating an interactivity with a piece of art is the epitome of engaging intimacy with another”

More of Michaell’s Paintings: click here. 99% is my original content of my various other media.

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Michaell’s SELF-AWARE ART Educational Art Blog: click here. This blog goes hand in hand with my upcoming book State of Art.  I explain, the function of art without art jargon or judgment, the reason why and how art and artists are important to our human development.

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