Art That Transforms Spaces

“Looking at my Paintings should be similar to listening to the music of minimalists like Miles Davis; where the sound grabs your attention and your Mind Completes the Pictures.”


The Artist Michaell Magrutsche: The California Multimedia Artist was born in Vienna-Austria. Michaell creates Art With a Punch to achieve the Strongest Positive Impact possible. Thereby, Uplifting Emotions and Changing the Feel of a Room or Area. “I want a Painting to have Wallpower to induce Interactivity then grab me, seduce me to discover its content by pinching my imagination to fill in the blanks. My Paintings are similar to the music of Minimalists like Miles Davis, where the sound grabs your attention and your mind completes the pictures.” Magrutsche’s visual work has been coined Liminal Hard Edge, Minimal or Reductive Pop.

“I want a painting to have wallpower, grab me and seduce me to discover its content; pinch my imagination to want to fill in the blanks. This is the epitome of engaging intimacy.”

Michaell Picture Blog:  click here  99% is Michaell’s original content about projects of all other media Michaell works with.

Michaell Art Column in the International Art Magazine Bajaartists.  Michaell’s Art Column is focused about his discoveries of cutting edge Art developments by observing our current human behaviors with the Arts and making sense of its mysteries. Michaell exposes the hidden contexts and understandings of how our interactions with the Arts are continuously changing and transform in the future. Michaell specializes in understanding the changes of the conception of art, its exhibition platforms of galleries and museums, the sales process with the art collector and the relationship of Arts and Governments.

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